Cork Wine Pub

Nestled off of Woodward Ave and residential streets, outside of the main strip of Ferndale restaurants and bars is Cork Wine Pub. Its an adorable little brick building with outdoor seating, surrounded by plants and ferns. The interior is a little dark, but comfy, with local artists work displayed around the restaurant. The staff is […]

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My top 10 Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe’s first opened stores in 1958 under the name Pronto Markets. In 1967 the name was changed to the name we are all familiar with today. Trader Joe’s gives you the great food with great prices by… buying direct from suppliers whenever possible, they bargain hard to get the best price, and then pass […]

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New York Style Bagels

I’m a sucker for carbs, and bagels are my number 1 weakness in the carb domain. I have other weakness’ such as nachos, gummy candy, marcona almonds, wine, charcuterie, etc etc but that’s for another day I found this super easy delicious recipe from Sophisticated Gourmet online when i was craving a bagel but was […]

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Becky with the good hair

    Not all of us are blessed by the hair gods and even if we were most of the time we aren’t happy with what we have. We dye, add extensions, buy expensive hair products and styling tools. So when Khloe and Kylie Kardashian introduced the world to Sugar Bear Gummies people took notice. […]

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