I’m just a Midwest girl living in the city (ok, suburbs really), wishing I were living in the country. I’m constantly dreaming of big sky, the coast, waves, and mountains. Lover of flowers and all things outdoors; travel, hiking, biking, fishing, cross country skiing, swimming, snowshoeing, tennis, NOT running. I’m a laugh and adventure seeker, self-proclaimed food and wine snob (except I don’t eat the cute animals ie. pigs, cows, lambs, ducks), style magazine connoisseur, believer in lemon water, and all other health fads. Hate brushing my hair but pride myself on getting pretty in record time. Torn between being outdoors and getting dirty, and looking pretty in pretty outfits.

I’m an Emergency Room nurse, Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner student, Narcoleptic, and 2 dog/cat/lobster mom. I’m girlfriend to the sweetest, most motivated, giving, and should I mention high stress guy there is. Daughter to the coolest parents, who are way more hip than I am. Middle sister to two beautiful women, and friend to the same broads since 1994.


This is my adventure through my late 20’s, not knowing where I’m supposed to be, but trying to figure it out a little bit more each day.


Cat Xo