Ronin Sushi

I don’t know if there has ever been a time where Phil has asked me “What do you want to eat?” where Asian cuisine doesn’t pop into my mind. Sushi, Thai, or Chinese I could eat any day, everyday. Basically I could eat rice and fish for every meal. So on Saturday after working 11pm-11am and sleeping for 2 hours after when he asked me what I wanted to dinner, the words “Asian” came out without me even thinking. It was almost 5pm and a great sushi restaurant down the road called Ronin Sushi was just about to open. Ronin is opens every day at 5pm and stays open until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Literally any time after 5pm it’s PACKED. Phil asked me how quick I could get ready and I told him 10 minutes (remember in “about” section, I can get ready in record time) We got to Ronin around 515pm. We got a little two top table right next to the sushi bar. Weirdly, we always get sat here. We pretty much already knew what we wanted, but everything here is amazing. Edamame, Ginger Salad, Red Wine (Jameson for Phil), Tuna, and 2 rolls. Easy. (There are also quite a few non sushi options for those who do not feel like fish)


The one negative thing I have to say about Ronin (besides their wait times usually) is the fact that their wine pours are so weak, like 3-4 sips (That might be an exaggeration but I mean come on look at it)

We decided to get the special roll of the week. A spicy tuna roll wrapped in pink soy paper, with cucumber, and tempura crunch. Then topped with shrimp, pineapple, shishito pepper, and chili sauce. It was bomb. They also always have a drink special and appetizer special.


We also had Albacore Tuna with crispy onions and a hot crawfish roll. Ronin uses really light soy paper on some rolls instead of seaweed and has the perfect sticky rice. IMG_6871

I know I said how much I love the month of December and the holiday’s. Another thing I love about the holidays is the fact that little cities decorate the main streets with lights, it’s so beautiful. Royal Oak uses those bright LED multiple color lights. This picture isn’t on Main Street but you can see it in the background. Ronin is right next to the Royal Oak Music Theater. Ronin has a very eclectic and unique vibe and is worth it every time, whether you have to wait or not.


Go out and try somewhere new; drive around and look at Christmas lights. Its the most wonderful time of the year.

Ronin Sushi
326 W 4th St 
Royal Oak, MI 48067



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