Pizza All Day Everyday

As an avid pizza connoisseur, yes I said connoisseur, I have picked my top pizza places. I like all pizza; deep dish, Chicago, thin crust, flavored crust, you name it. If it’s a carb, and has melted cheese on it, I like it. One of my favorite things about living so close to downtown is that Metro Detroit is a melting pot of cultures, and there are so many styles of food in the area. Pizza styles change within miles of each other.

Leonardo’s Italian Grill: Pie Style Pizza

Leonardo’s would be number one in my book because I’ve never had a pizza like it.

The website describes the pizza as such..
“Two of your favorite toppings with swiss, romano and mozzarella cheeses, pizza sauce, special spices, then topped with another crust” 

I don’t even like Swiss cheese usually! So this top layer of “crust” is covered in melted cheese, and then the toppings and mixture of Swiss, Mozzarella, and Romano are placed on the inside and make this pizza spectacular. Its like the meltiest,creamiest cheese mixture you can imagine. This is layered so thinly that its actually really hard to tell there is a top crust layer. Phil’s go to toppings are Italian sausage and prosciutto.

Only downside to Leonardo’s is that its located by the airport, in Romulus. The only time we have the pizza is if Phil is out there for work, or if one of us flies into the airport after a vacation or work trip.

Tania’s Pizza: Stuffed Pizza

Tania’s Pizza is inside of party store off of Crooks Rd. in Royal Oak. The party store itself has an A+ candy selection, plus a great beer and wine selection. That doesn’t hurt when you’re planning for the night; Pizza, candy, and wine go together perfectly.

I saw Tania’s Pizza on the news as I was flipping through channels one day and the sight the pizza stopped me from flipping any further. Look at all that crust!

Tania’s Stuffed Pizza is just that. A Pizza with toppings stuffed between two layers of crust. BUT The top crust has this amazing garlic salt and butter topping, which you can never go wrong with and helps the top crust get super crispy. They also serve a garlic dip with the pizza that is the


CJ’s Brewery : BBQ Chicken Pizza

Cj’s Brewery is a little brewery in my hometown of Commerce. Besides their pizza, I’m not super impressed with their food, but it’s probably above par for bar food. (sorry, that was kinda snobby..)

CJ’s has a deep dish pizza where they’ve perfected the dough, similar to Jet’s Pizza. The reason I like their BBQ chicken pizza so much is because they use, get ready for it, SHREDDED CHICKEN. No one likes that cubed chicken, that stuff is sick. Shredded chicken on pizza is where its at. The BBQ sauce on the pizza is always a nice change up as well. The crust is crisp but also doughy and the toppings work perfectly. When Phil and I go to my parents house we usually stop and get a small pizza on the way home, or convince my parents to order pizza for the night.

Not the BBQ chicken, but this gives you an idea of what the pizza looks like. Its very Jet’s-esque but with better quality ingredients all around, and they serve booze.ii

Supino Pizzeria : New York Style Pizza

Supino’s was featured on an episode of Diner’s, Drive in’s, and Dive’s and ever since that episode aired, Phil and I have been pretty much regular customers. Supino’s is located in Eastern Market, and until recently it was a take out spot. They had about 6 tables that you would share with others if you wanted to eat there. Now since they bought the space next to them, it is a full restaurant.

Side note: When Phil and I first started dating we would go to a lot of Red Wings Games. It became tradition to go get a small pizza and share a half pint of fireball in the parking lot before going into the game. Oh young love 😉

Supino’s has New York Style Pizza, foldable pizza as I like to call it. Perfect ratio of toppings to dough. With a less dip-able crust in my opinion. Wait, do you not dip your crust in ranch when you get to that part? Anyway, My favorite pizza on the menu is the “Supino” and Phil usually gets a Pepperoni or a pizza called “The City Wing Thing.” I’ve never had a pizza from here that I didn’t like.

Pepperoni Pizza (this is half Pep, half Bismarck)

City Wing Thingcherry peppers, mozzarella, roasted garlic, City Wing’s smoked turkey, and smoked gouda

The Supinoroasted garlic, black olives, chili oil, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese. supino

Jolly Pumpkin: “The South Pacific” Thin crust Pizza
In the last couple of months they opened a Jolly Pumpkin Brewery in Royal Oak. Prior to that the only time I’ve had Jolly Pumpkin is on trips to Traverse City. Each location menu is unique. We went to the Royal Oak one shortly after it opened, because it was a new brewery to try in the area. There was a pizza that really stood out to me, and for some reason Phil wasn’t opposed to getting it (Phil is usually a very meat and potato kind of guy, but he does surprise me at times)

The South Pacific has bacon, candied pineapple, jalapeño, shaved red onion, chipotle tomato sauce, black sesame seeds, scallions, mozzarella. We got it without bacon, so we could share it and so I didn’t have to pick the meat off. I don’t know what it was about the pizza, the sauce, the candied pineapple, but it JUST WORKED, perfectly at that. It was one of the most balanced pizza’s I’ve had. Every bite had all the ingredients in it. We’ve gone back multiple times just for this pizza.
(Unfortunately, as time has gone on, it hasn’t been as balanced as it was when they first opened; but there is hope that one time we go back it is)


Michigos: Chicago Style Pizza

Michigo’s is a Chicago style pizza joint in downtown Ferndale. If you’re craving Chicago Style, hearty pizza, this is the place for you. We came across it one day while driving through Ferndale when we first moved out here almost 3 years ago, and of course because I’m impulsive, and love food, we had to stop and try it.

Here’s what their website says about the pizza…
“Who says Michigan doesn’t make “true” Chicago style deep dish pizza? MiChigo Pizza does in a way that even diehard Chicagoans can appreciate. Our name speaks for itself. If you combine Michigan and Chicago you get MiChigo Pizza. We use only fresh ingredients prepared in our kitchen here in Ferndale. If you don’t have room for one of our house-made desserts stop back and get one with a cup of Chazzano Coffee or take one home with you.”

Pizza, and homemade desserts?!?!? Count me in! The Pizza takes 30min + to bake because of the size but it is well worth it. Each slice has so much cheese, toppings, crust, sauce. 1 slice is usually more than enough for me (until I want leftovers, sometimes I think I like cold pizza better than warm. Do others feel that way?)


Green Lantern Lounge: Best Pepperoni (Per Phil)
There are multiple locations but the original is located in Madison Heights. My ex’s dad used to live near here and we would always meet up for pizza. Green Lantern is a bar that reminds me of a show my mom used to watch called “Cheers.” It is dimly lit, has those green light shades (hence green lantern) and stained glass. The drinks are decently priced, and their salads are always a win in my book because they have tons of toppings. What makes their pizza so good, per Phil, is that they hand cut the pepperoni themselves. So you get pepperoni that is thicker, and curls up at the edges when baked.

They are doing something right, because Green Lantern repeatedly wins “Best of Detroit” awards for their pizza.


I feel like I seem kinda crazy to have done a whole blog post on pizza in metro Detroit, but if I can share secret pizza spots with others around the area, and promote these small independent business’ I’m more than happy to be a little crazy.




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