Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holidays can be a super stressful time, but to me I think they are so much fun. I live for December. I love the snow, I love the cold, I love outdoor sports, I love the smiles, and the time spent with family, but most of all I love giving awesome gifts. For every occasion I try to make gifts personal, sometimes it gets hard though, because WE’RE BUSY! Here some cheats for those who are feeling a little stressed about the gift giving part.

Click on the picture or the heading for the link to buy. Happy Shopping 🙂

Gifts for Her

Small Wood Home Wooden Frame Signboard $49 (on sale from $125)
The perfect women power sign for a sister or a friend.


MVMT: Malibu Watch $125
Sophisticated but can go with anything. I LOVE MVMT watches; they’re good quality, and reasonably priced watches.


Long White Beard Furniture: Wooden Bath Tray $65
This is local out of Ferndale, MI by a kickass lady I went to school with; Shelby Holtzman


The Sweet Whistle: The Calm Box $60
This box has the best smelling lavender candle, a coffee chocolate bar, and a charcoal bamboo soap. The coolest thing about this site, is that you can customize your own gift box starting at $7. Great for holidays or any other special occasion. even a good gift for a boss!


Ember: Ceramic Mug $79.99
You can heat your coffee/tea to the temp you want and keep it that temperature for as long as you want; I REPEAT you can heat and keep your coffee/tea hot. *insert drool face emoji*



Hollyhocks and Hydrangeas: Boho Baby Calf 24x24inches $120
My boyfriend’s mom grew up on a dairy farm, we go there every Christmas and sometimes in the summer. My favorite part is going to see the baby dairy cows. I want this for my house, for her house, for Phil’s Aunts and Grandma’s house as well.


Covry: Atik Cloud Glasses $95
Hand crafted with a vegan leather case


West Elm: Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planter $23-$44 (Small or Large)
As a house plant lover I like to get my friends house plants, they add so much life to your house while making the air cleaner.

Small Wood Home: In All Things Give Thanks Wood Framed Sign $44 (on sale from $125)
Perfect for Mom or a Mother in Law. Heck, perfect for friends or yourself!

Gifts for Him

West Elm: Schmidt Brothers New Natural 13 Piece Set $144 (on sale from $180)
Basically, I picked this because my dad would flip over this. The raw wood and the best quality cutlery.

School House: Your Cabin in the Woods $19.99
This book is for anyone wanting to go out there and follow in Emerson’s foot steps. Hint: get it for you Significant Other so you can enjoy it too.

Sword and Plough: Chevron Wallet $69
Perfect for the guy in your life who’s wallet is falling apart and you wish they would just buy something thin and new.
wallet-chevron-wallet-brown-1_1024x1024Anthropologie: Curvature DOF Glass $14
Get your guy, dad, or father in law a set of these plus a sleek decanter and you’ll be a favorite forever.
Goop: Decanter $100
Speaking of that sleek Decanter….
Anthropologie: Roast $27.50
Ok to be honest again, this stood out to be because of my dad. Growing up we had roast ALLLLLL the time. I hate roasts. I hate cooked carrots mixed with potatoes, where everything has the same taste. SO, I thought about getting him this to spruce up his recipe collection some 🙂

Long White Beard Furniture: Live Edge Shelf with Key Holder: $115
Again, COME ON this is amazing.
MVMT: Chrono Black Leather $135
I always buy Phil watches. I think its super attractive if a guy has nice watches, and shoes. So I normally buy what I like for Phil. He doesn’t complain though! Plus with these MVMT watches you can switch out the bands to change up the look.
Anthropologie: The Bucket List Book $35
Again, buy this for someone close to you so you can use it as well. I wanna get this for my dad. Him and my mom have been crazy active for the last 5 years. They are always going on RV trips, concerts, etc. This would be perfect for them when they retire in a couple years.

Gifts for Little Ones

The Little Market: Adventure Animals $60
The cutest stuffed animals, gender neutral. Each purchase a portion of the sale goes to the women/artisans in Peru.

Land of Nod: The 50 States Activity Book $10
Pack your bags and take the journey of a lifetime with this activity book packed with maps, wildlife, people and places unique to America’s 50 states.

Gap: Pompom Beanie $25
This is the cutest

Rebel Girls: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Boxset $65
I hope one day I have a little girl so I can buy this for her, I love how strong and powerful women are and I’m so happy that the youth are starting to realize that earlier and earlier as well.
Kidfanatics: Sports Jersey $56
This is the only thing my nephew told me he wanted. So I’m sure other 5th grade boys want the same? Im going to get him a microscope set this year too. He lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and there is so much to explore there.

Amazon: Makeup Kit $25
My niece grew up in a military family, traveling with an older brother. She is rugged and a tomboy on the inside but loves to be as girly as possible on the outside.

Target: Wooden Dollhouse $130
Chip and Joanna do it again, of course. How cute is this!?


Gifts for the Puppers

Link: Smart Dog Collar $99
Trust me when I tell you this is the coolest thing for any dog lover. Click on the link to at least read about it.

Amazon: Alligator Dog Toy $7
We only buy Alligator toys in our house. Im deathly afraid of them for no real reason, Ive never seen one in real life besides at the zoo but I honestly have nightmares about them all the time. I believe it all started with an episode of Rescue 911 when I was in elementary school where a kid was swimming and got taken by one. EEKK it makes me nervous to just talk about. ANYWAY, so we buy alligator toys so I can watch the dogs destroy them 🙂

Amazon: Himalayan Yak Chew
Ancient recipe from the HimalayasAll natural ingredients: yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. Analysis: Protein – 52.8 percent min. Crude fat 0.9 percent min. Crude fiber 0.0 percent max. Moisture 10.2 percent max. Ash 6.0 percent max. PERFECT

I really hope that helps with your gift giving this year. There are millions of ideas out there but maybe these can help when your stuck on a certain someone. I had so much fun writing this, and I honestly found a gift for everyone on my list. Now its back to grad school homework *eye roll*






































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