Heaven on payday

We all know how difficult it is to go into Target for only what you need. I’ve never in my life spent less than $50 there. Some how, other things always find their way into my basket. I try to always grab the little hand basket to prevent me from getting too much, and I always leave with sore arms from carrying said basket that is over-flowing with items I don’t need, but definitely do need.

Fall is always an exciting season. The air gets crisp, we get to swear sweaters, jeans, and boots. Pumpkin spice and apple scents and flavors are everywhere. CIDER MILLS ARE OPEN! (sorry, got excited) bonfires are more comfortable, sleeping is easier, plus Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the greatest day of the year, Dec 25th, are right around the corner.

What am I getting at here. Target+Fall = heart eye emoji! This is a list of my favorite target items this fall.


Painted Flour Sack Kitchen Towel
$2.45 each


Wicker Basket
Perfect for throw blankets that come in handy during the fall


Stripped Tassle Throw
I’ve been banned from buying any more throw blankets, I think my count is at 12 right now, but I would so buy this one if I had more closet space or the basket above 😉


Decorative Horn Tray
Perfect for a coffee table, with candles and succulents

50952509Medallion Natural Outdoor Rug


Woven Abstract Stripe Duvet and Shams


Eddie Bauer- Elk Grove Flannel Sheet Set


Glade Fall AutoSpray Refill
Smells like a cider mill. I have the automatic sprayer in my bathroom, we have one bathroom in our 750sq ft house, so its important that the bathroom smells fresh.


Apothecary Jar Candle
I could also have a  very serious candle addiction. I have about 4 in every room of the house and some in storage. oops


Revel Fiona Whip Stitch Ankle Boot


Textured Beanie
Announcement: I wear beanies as soon as the weather hits 50 degrees until it returns to 50 degrees in the spring. Target has always had a great selection.




Cat Xo




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