Fit2Fight Studios

UPDATE: Bianca is now the owner of Burn Bootcamp and Revive Juice Bar in Troy MI. SHES AMAZING!

Burn Boot Camp
3279 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083
There is a Groupon right now for the gym to try it out!

Revive Juice Bar
3279 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083


I know for me, going to the gym can be intimidating. I sweat a lot when working out, and turn REAL red in the face, so I don’t want to look stupid or be judged by others that are far more experienced and look far better in work out clothes than I do. On the other hand, Bianca Bahri was tired of being gawked at by men while she was trying to work out; Bianca is trained in MMA fighting, so when she works out she trains like a beast. She worked at a local gym and would ask other women their opinions as well, and after she did enough research and got the same answers from most women, she decided to open a gym that was exclusively for women. Her gym opened so that all women would feel comfortable, they wouldn’t feel judged, wouldn’t feel like they had to put on a show while just trying to better themselves, and they could train just like a guy could, without the intimidation factor.

Our mission is to provide a place for women of all different lifestyles where they can feel completely comfortable training, while also having the right people by their side to motivate them. Our goal is to be the most efficient studio for our clients in order for them to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. We believe that with the right people, a positive attitude and dedication, everyone can live a happier, healthier lifestyle.”- Fit2Fight Studios.

Fit2Fight studios is nestled into a little shopping plaza in Troy, off of Rochester and Big Beaver Rd. On the inside the studio has everything you might need for a kick ass workout; kickboxing bags, studio cycle bikes, jump ropes, dumb bells, heart monitors, and much more more. On top of group fitness classes, (Bianca’s studio offers classes from 6am to 6pm most days of the week) they provide other services as well such as  personal training, and integrative nutritional coaching. Bianca’s gym is unique is other ways as well, she uses heart rate based interval monitoring. Tracking your heart rate with a monitor (which reads your pulse via a sensor built into a chest strap) tells you how hard, or easy, your heart is working. When you work out using a heart rate monitor, you aim to work out within a specific zone. Falling into a “zone” means falling within a particular percentage of your heart rate during every workout. For most of your workouts, your heart rate should fall into zone 1 or 2. By using heart rate monitoring during a workout session, the trainers can gauge the intensity of the work being performed in a given exercise and either scale back the intensity or crank it up, accordingly. As time goes on and the more fit you become the less your heart will have to work at a certain point, and you can monitor your improvement as you work out. (There’s a lot more math and science that goes into it but that’s boring, and for your coach or trainer to figure out, right?)

When you enter the gym you see many other girls talking and getting ready. They all seem to know each other, and they do, they’ve become a family at Fit2Fight studios. Some are mothers, some college students, others are young adults, all are just after the same thing; a healthy lifestyle and help getting there. Before the class begins, you are set up with a heart rate monitor so you can track your heart rate while working out. On the far right wall each participant’s heart rate is displayed so you are able to see what zone you are in while completing the work out. It’s a nice visualization to see how you need to pace your work out, and also shows the coach what they need to do to to maximize each clients workout. There are different classes you can attend, I went to “tone and burn” which was a strength training class. We started off our warm up on the cycle bikes getting our heart rates into the right zone (mine was in a very high zone at a very low level of exercise, ooops) We then grabbed boxing gloves and hit the kick boxing bags, after that we used weights, suspension bands, and our own body weight with interval training to have an all over body workout. The work out itself was about an hour long, and I felt great afterwards (minus the red face, sweat, and fast heart rate.) It was fun, the girls were so supportive, the coaches told you what zone your heart was in and told you to slow down to try harder. They watched your technique and made sure it was exact so you wouldn’t get hurt. They were knowledgeable, tough, and gave you that push to finish the workout trying your very best. It was unlike anything I had been to before.  I felt like I had a support system, I wanted to go back and try other classes, most importantly I wanted to continue on the path to a healthy lifestyle and felt 100% comfortable in this setting to obtain that.

Some of the other classes they offer are
Fit Body Burn– which consists of metabolic interval training using body weight, suspension straps, bikes, and bags to get a total body and cardio work out while listening to heart pounding music.
Metabolic Madness– A high intensity version of the above which mean less rest periods.
Knockout Technique and Stretching– Active recovery; kickboxing technique to get everyone more comfortable with bag training, Stretch and repair those sore muscles using mobility techniques.
Tone and Burn– Strength and conditioning class. Barbell training, suspension strap training to everything in between.
YogaFit– Wake up, lengthen and strengthen your muscles while opening the body up and peeling away layers of stress, injury, and tension.


I think the most amazing aspects about an exclusively female gym, is that training with other females can give you the confidence you need to get your dream body, help you take the steps towards that healthy lifestyle without giving up because of the stress of a normal gym. Bianca and her team make you feel like you’re getting one on one training for a fraction of the price. Her gym starts at $99 for unlimited classes for the month. That’s around $3 a day to reach your dreams. Again they also offer personal training with 24 hour notice and nutritional coaching with a free 30min meeting. Bianca is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Professional Fitness Trainer, and a Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. She’s pretty much a health goddess and can 100% help you reach your goals. 12219477_961029363960801_8457878323838804267_n


Fit2Fight Studios is located at
3289 Rochester Rd,
Troy, MI 48003

If you’re a young adult needing a kick in the ass to get motivated and get healthy, call and set up an appointment with Bianca, you wont regret it.


Cat Xo


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