New Orleans

Phil and I wanted to plan something fun for our 4 year anniversary. When we first started dating we wrote out a bucket list. I went to Joanna Fabric, bought some cute travel themed scrapbook paper, and we sat together writing out our dreams. New Orleans had been on the list since the very beginning, … Continue reading New Orleans


De-stress and self love

I have been out of my mind stressed; maybe more stressed than I have ever been before. I thought I handled stress well because I've always been kinda go with the flow, everything will work out, laid back.....WELLLLLL not anymore. I'm a freak now.  I get stressed. Here's why; I'm still working semi night shift … Continue reading De-stress and self love

I try to make playlists for my drive to work. I drive a couple hours a day for work, so listening to the radio or even Sirus XM gets repeative. My taste in music changes pretty often. I think with the change in the weather, and it getting dark out earlier, I've really found songs … Continue reading

2017 Reads

 If your'e feeling anything like I am, and you need an escape after the start of 2017, There is no better escape then a book. Time to read a story that takes you on an adventure, or that that makes you think, questions, and try to be better. These are the books I'll be reading … Continue reading 2017 Reads

Cork Wine Pub

Nestled off of Woodward Ave and residential streets, outside of the main strip of Ferndale restaurants and bars is Cork Wine Pub. Its an adorable little brick building with outdoor seating, surrounded by plants and ferns. The interior is a little dark, but comfy, with local artists work displayed around the restaurant. The staff is … Continue reading Cork Wine Pub