My battle with Narcolepsy

This is something I haven’t talked about openly until the last couple of years. Mainly because I was embarrassed by it. I thought others would judge me for it. For a long time, I thought maybe it was all in my head. Throughout my life I had always suffered from excessive sleepiness. I know I […]

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Favorite skin care products

Im going to be 30 this year. I literally can not handle it. So as soon as 2018 started I started buying skin care products to help reduce the effects of aging. I know that 30 is the new 20 and blah blah blah but girls you know you feel older every year! New teeny […]

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Chicken Tamale Bowl

I have been obsessed with polenta lately. Likeeeeee you can literally put anything on top of polenta! Last night I decided to make these chicken tamale bowls, and instead of using rice underneath toppings, I switched it out for polenta. I’m so happy I did because It was SO good!!! Ingredients: Chicken: 1 lb chicken […]

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Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

As an adult I’ve re-discovered my love for brussel sprouts. As a kid there was no food that I despised more than brussel sprouts. Growing up, my parents would make the Green Giant frozen package sprouts with butter sauce for dinner. They were mushy, cabbage-y,  and soaked in some nasty sauce that tasted way over […]

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Podcasts I’m loving

I’m sitting here at a bra shop in royal oak for “busty women” while my mom tries on bras. She’s been back there for 20 minutes already and I don’t see any sign of her coming out soon. So I decided to focus my attention on getting some work done, sorry mom! I’m late to […]

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Wedding Season

This will be my third summer in a row of multiple weddings. 2016 was the year of weddings for us. I actually had to take out a loan from the bank just to afford them all, it was insane. We had 8 weddings that year, and we stood in half of them. Luckily this year […]

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Spring 2018 Fashion

Hi guys! It’s officially the first day of spring. Even though it’s still only 29 degrees here in Michigan, it’s super sunny, and that can make anyone a little happier. Spring 2018 Fashion week was full of super fun and girly details. Here is how to get most of the biggest spring trends at one […]

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My Morning Coffee

I’m a coffee addict. I can’t explain it, but I just need it. I can drink it black. I can drink it sugary. I can drink an espresso or a latte. I don’t discriminate against it by any means. If it’s morning and there’s a coffee in front of me, I’ll drink it. As I’ve […]

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Get OUTdoors

Ever since I was a kid, camping and being outdoors played a HUGE part in my life. Every summer my mom’s family had a family reunion at Higgins Lake in northern Michigan. We camped every year. Now that I’m an adult, I still like to incorporate the outdoors and camping into my life. Phil and […]

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At home date night

Relationships and dating are funny. After we’ve been in a relationship for awhile we don’t think of ourselves as “dating” any longer. We went on dates in the beginning of the relationship to get to know the person, but we don’t consider going out to dinner a date any longer once that relationship is well […]

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